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Root Tab Test: ThriveTabs Vs. FlourishTabs


I have been developing a root tab to accompany my Thrive line of liquid fertilizers.  I finally have it ready.  I had them pressed into tablet form.  I figured it would be a good time to do a proper comparison between my ThriveTabs and the highly regarded Flourish Tabs from Seachem.  

Here is a link to ThriveTabs: Click Here

Here is a link to where I purchased the Flourish Tabs: Click Here

Setup of the tanks:

Both tanks are penn plax 2.7g tanks with small hob filters.  I have a dual t5ho hung above with the tanks centered to get even light distribution.  I added ~64oz of pool filter sand into each tank and filled with RO water.  I added 4ml of ReGen Gh booster and 2ml of ReKHarb Kh booster.  The following should give me roughly 8dGH and 4dKH.

The tanks were setup on 11/7/17 and on that day I added an even as possible assortment of crypts from another tank I have setup.  At this point the ThriveTabs are still en route to me from the tabletting company so for now I will not be adding any nutrients other than the GH and KH boosters.

I plan to run the light 6 hours per day and may alter as we go depending on the looks of the plants and algae.  I do not plan to use any other fertilizer other than the respective root tabs.

Here are some pictures from the setup and planting process.

-Tanks setup

-Crypts going into the ThriveTabs test tank

-Crypts going into the Flourish Tabs test tank

- Tanks planted

I should have the ThriveTabs later this week, maybe early next week.  Once I get them I will add the tabs and do some update pictures.  


Colin / NilocG

Update 11/14/17------------

I have the ThriveTabs, you can see them on the right side next to the Flourish Tab:

Here is the tank shortly after adding the root tabs, a week with no nutrients has not been nice to the crypts, especially the tank on the right(ThriveTabs tank).

Other than that really noting to update at this point.  I will keep everyone updated.


Colin / NilocG


Here are some current pictures.  Last week I upped the hours of light to about 11, I am starting to see a little algae, I am going to perform a 50% water change later today and reduce light by an hour or two.  Definitely starting to see new leaves popping out so it appears the plants have transitioned to the new tanks well.

Some of the leaves have died back a bit or have damage from being moved, I have decided to trim them, below are pictures following the light trim.


Colin / NilocG


Here are a few pictures after a 50% water change.  Definitely seeing some nice growth.  Recently algae has become an issue for the FlourishTab tank, pretty minimal in the ThriveTab tank.  I am going to try to do a few more water changes to see if I can help stop the algae.

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