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Thrive Line FAQ


I frequently receive questions regarding the use of Thrive, Thrive+ and ThriveS.  The following are a few the most common questions.  

1.  Is Thrive and Thrive+ safe for shrimp?

  Yes both Thrive and Thrive+ are completely safe for shrimp assuming you dose as suggested and keep up with the suggested water changes.

2.  If Thrive and Thrive+ are safe for shrimp then why do you have a shrimp safe version(ThriveS)?

  This comes down to a question of the focus of the tank.  If shrimp are the focus of the tank then you want to go with ThriveS.  If the focus of the tank are plants then go with Thrive or Thrive+.  If you have ever had a shrimp focused tank before then you know the importance of water stability.  Water changes are important, but they are normally small and infrequent.  ThriveS is designed to not increase the necessity of water changes above what would normally be done with good tank maintenance on a shrimp tank.  While Thrive and Thrive+ are shrimp safe they are highly concentrated to provide the plants with all the necessary nutrients, which also increases the need for frequent larger water changes.

3.  I have a planted tank, what is the difference between Thrive and Thrive+?  Which should I use?

  Thrive+ is designed for tanks with a ph of around 7 or below.  Thrive can be used at any ph level.  Thrive+ contains 60% more iron and two forms of nitrogen(organic and inorganic).  If you have a higher tech tank with a ph of around 7 or below then go with Thrive+, if not go with Thrive.

FAQ: Will the copper in such and such fertilizer kill my shrimp?

While shrimp are more sensitive to copper than other inhabitants, normal dosing of the fertilizers which I sell will not kill your shrimp.  Here is a cool link regarding this subject:  http://www.aquariumcalculators.com/copper-toxicity-invertebrates-fish-planted-aquarium/For example, normal EI dosing levels for CSM+B is 1/10th the amount of copper that would be harmful to even the most sensitive shrimp.

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How to: Dosing Dry Fertilizers

Dosing InstructionsWhile there are many different dosing methods the two most common are EI or Estimative Index and PPS-PRO. People commonly ask which is best, which happens to be a nearly impossible question. What works best for one doesnt work best for the next. With that said I will start with explaining [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need to add extra iron?

Another question that I am frequently asked: Do I need to add extra iron?If you are dosing CSM+B or Millers Microplex then you are already adding iron.  For most tanks this will be enough.  However in high light tanks or tanks with co2 injection it is very possible that you will be deficient in iron.  What are [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need Gh booster?

A question that I am frequently asked is do I need Gh booster?This safe answer is normally yes for several reasons.  Number 1:  Gh booster supplies both Calcium and Magnesium, both of which are very important for the growth of your aquatic plants.  Number 2:  Knowing that you have hard water does not in itself mean you [...]

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