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Frequently Asked Questions: Do I need Gh booster?


A question that I am frequently asked is do I need Gh booster?

This safe answer is normally yes for several reasons.  

Number 1:  Gh booster supplies both Calcium and Magnesium, both of which are very important for the growth of your aquatic plants.  

Number 2:  Knowing that you have hard water does not in itself mean you wont need to add extra calcium and magnesium.  It is possible to have hard water and have very little magnesium(or calcium), so unless you test for calcium and magnesium levels you really dont know exactly how much of each you have.  

Number 3:  You are going to run into more issues with plants if you have too little calcium and magnesium than a little too much, so adding a little Gh booster is very unlikely to cause any issues.

What are the signs of calcium and magnesium deficiencies?

Calcium deficiency will show up on new leafs as distored yellow growth with twisted and short roots

Magnesium will show up on old leaves.  It will cause yellow patches with the veins remaining green. 

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