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How to: Dosing Dry Fertilizers


Dosing Instructions

While there are many different dosing methods the two most common are EI or Estimative Index and PPS-PRO. People commonly ask which is best, which happens to be a nearly impossible question. What works best for one doesnt work best for the next. With that said I will start with explaining the EI dosing method first.

EI method dosing schedule:

If you are dosing with Gh booster use this schedule


If you are not using GH booster use this schedule


For the above amounts you want to dose the macros(kno3, kh2po4, and k2so4) and the micros(CSM+B or Millers) all 3x per week on alternating days. An example of this would be the micros on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The macros on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Then a 50% water change on Sunday followed by adding the Gh booster.

This 3x per week dosing is suggested for high light tanks with co2. If you have medium light tank try starting out dosing 2x per week, low light tanks can be dosed 1x per week. If in the example of the medium light tank you dose 2x per week and you start seeing deficiencies then up the dosing to 3x per week.

The EI method is based on the thought that excess nutrients will not harm anything in the tank. So even if you had a low light tank and were to dose 3x per week at the full amounts, as long as you kept up with the 50% weekly water changes it would not cause any problems.

Now onto the PPS-PRO dosing method:

The following mixing instructions are based on using 2 500ml dosing bottles, using a gram scale to measure the dry fertilizer:

Add the following into the first bottle, this will be your macro bottle:

32.5g KNO3

29.5g K2SO4

3g KH2PO4

20.5g MgSO4

Add the following into the second bottle, this will be your micro bottle:

40g CSM+B

Next fill the dosing bottles to the 500ml line with RO or DI water.

Dosing instructions: Dose both the micros and macros at a rate of 1ml per 10g seven days a week.

A great site for more information on the PPS-PRO method is here: https://sites.google.com/site/aquaticplantfertilizer/home/pps-pro

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