MasterSoil-Next Aquarium Subsrate


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Master Soil Next makes an ideal planted tank substrate suppling necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth

Available in 3L and 9L bags

Recommended  volume use 

45cm tank (10g) 6-8L

60cm tank (15g) 8-11L

90cm tank (40g) 24-32L


Color Options:

Black and Brown


Bag Sizes:

8 Liter bag - 16 lbs of substrate

3 Liter bag - 6 lbs of substrate



Grain Sizes:

Normal: Particle size 3.0mm-5.0mm

Powder: Particle size 1.6mm-3.0mm (Similar to ADA aquasoil normal)

Super powder: Particle size 0.6mm-1.6mm(Similar to ADA aquasoil powder)