NA PPS Pro Dry Aquarium Salt Fertilizer Package

Everything that you will need for dosing via the PPS-PRO method


  • 2x 500ml Dosing bottles
  • 1lb KNO3
  • 1/2lb KH2PO4
  • 1lb K2SO4
  • 1lb MgSo4
  • 1/2lb CSM+B

The NilocG PPS Pro fertilizer package is one of the best aquarium fertilizers in the market. The PPS Pro fertilizer is convenient in terms of price, in addition to being easy to use. This planted tank fertilizer is designed specifically for aquascapers that want a well-performing system. It requires little to no testing or tweaking. The PPS Pro also works with all lights and substrates, with no water changes as well as large water changes. You can use the PPS Pro fertilizer package in entirely 100% planted aquariums with a reasonable fish load.