NA NPK & MicroPlex Dry Aquarium Salt Fertilizer Package

EI based Aquarium NPK + Microplex Fertilizer

The EI based aquarium NPK and Microplex fertilizer are designed to be used with the EI (Estimative Index) dosing method. This NPK fertilizer comes as a bundle of packages with selected salts that work as micronutrients for aquarium plants. Their purpose is to make your planted aquarium healthier while still maintaining a safe environment for the fish.

Package includes:

  • -2lb KNO3
  • -1/2lb KH2PO4
  • -1/2lb K2SO4
  • -1/2lb Millers Microplex

EI Based Planted Aquarium NPK + Microplex

This aquarium NPK and microplex fertilizer are based on the EI Method.  According to this method, an excess of micronutrients for aquarium plants will not harm anything in the tank. So even if you had a low light tank and were to dose 3x per week at the full amounts, as long as you kept up with the 50% weekly water changes it would not cause any problems.


NPK + Microplex Package:


Package includes

  • -1lb KNO3
  • -1/2lb KH2PO4
  • -1lb K2SO4
  • -1/2lb Millers Microplex