NA EI Based NPK & CSM+B Dry Aquarium Salt Fertilizer Package

EI Based NPK + CSM+B with GH Booster for Aquarium Plants

  • The CSM+B and GH fertilizer include all the essential micro and macronutrients for healthy plant growth
  • Quantities of the CSM+B and GH fertilizer are appropriate for dosing via the EI(Estimative Index) method

Contains the following:

  • -2lb KNO3
  • -1/2lb KH2PO4
  • -1lb GH booster
  • -1/2lb CSM+B

EI Based NPK + CSM+B Fertilizer

This NPK fertilizer for aquarium plants is designed to be used with the EI (Estimative Index) dosing method.

The fertilizer package includes:

  • 2lb KNO3
  • 1/2lb KH2PO4
  • 1/2lb K2SO4
  • 1/2lb CSM+B

CSM+B and GH fertilizer for Planted Tanks

The NA EI Method includes the CSM+B and GH fertilizer(optional). It is based on the idea that excess nutrients will not harm anything in the tank. So even if you had a low light tank and were to dose 3x per week with the GH fertilizer at the full amounts, as long as you kept up with the 50% weekly water changes it would not cause any problems.