NA Iron (Fe) Liquid Aquarium Plant Fertilizer


Advantages of using Iron liquid fertilizer for your aquarium

  • Ferrum Liquid is a concentrated 10,000mg/l source of available iron
  • This iron fertilizer provides 0.25ppm iron when dosed at 1(1ml) pump per 10g
  • Ferrum iron liquid fertilizer can treat up to 5000 gallons
  • Derived from Iron Chelate DTPA, Iron Chelate EDTA, and Ferrous Gluconate
  • 500ml bottle aquarium liquid fertilizer

Ferrum liquid fertilizer

Ferrum is a concentrated iron fertilizer for aquarium plants. It is an iron supplement developed to make your planted tanks thrive. Ferrum Liquid comes with a top dosing bottle.


Dosing Instructions

1 pump (1ml) per 10g add 0.25ppm Iron


Guaranteed Analysis

Information regarding the heavy metal content of this product can be found at Association of American Plant Food Control Officials