NA Advanced Co2 Reactor (Built-in Bypass Valve)

Advanced CO2 Reactor for Aquariums | Free Shipping

This CO2 reactor for aquarium is one of the most efficient methods for diffusing CO2. It includes a clear reactor chamber so you can see the CO2 being dissolved.  In addition, the NilocG CO2 reactor is an advanced reactor with a bypass that is efficient for tanks well over 100 gallons. It also performs well with high flow filters such as fluval fx5/fx6.

This aquarium CO2 reactor is designed to be used between the canister filter and the tank on the output side of the filter.  It should be mounted under the tank and needs 18-24″ of vertical space.  Water should enter the top of the reactor and exit out the bottom.   This reactor is good for aquariums up to about 150 gallons.


If you have any questions about the use of the style reactor please make sure to contact us before purchasing.


*This item is a custom built product, because of this it takes 5-7 business days to ship