DCw/liquid Set

One of the common concerns among hobbyists just getting started with high tech setups is achieving adequate CO2 without causing harm or stress to their fish. The aquarium CO2 glass drop checker is designed to do just that.

As a general guideline, most aquarists can agree that 30ppm of dissolved co2 is where we want to be for our plants and fish to thrive. But how do we know if we have too much or too little?

A glass drop checker with a standard solution is by far the most reliable way to have a visual representation of your co2 levels without all the guesswork. This aquarium co2 indicator is also the most straight forward. When the solution is blue, you need more co2. If it is yellow, you have gone too far. If it is green, you are good to go!

The NilocG glass CO2 drop checker is one of the best CO2 drop checkers you can find. Unlike other kits that fail to change color or are difficult to read, this product realizes how every tank represents a standard value. As such it does not recommend using water from your tank to create a reference solution.

With NilocG Aquatics all in one co2 reference kit, your system’s water hardness is taken out of the equation. This solution is calibrated to 4dkh and will provide the most accurate and responsive drop checker kit on the market.